Buy Gift Cards with RaiseRight

How Gift Card Fundraising Works
Gift card fundraising, also known as scrip fundraising, has been the #1 fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for more than 25 years. PARCA, Inc, can earn a percentage of each sale when you buy gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards. Select from 750+ popular brands, with options for eGift cards (available immediately), physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. No extra money spent. No wasted value.

You pay $50 for a $50 gift card. Use to pay for your purchases or give as a gift.

When you shop for gift cards through RaiseRight, PARCA, Inc receives a percentage from each sale.

How do I shop with RaiseRight?

To buy Gift Cards throught RaiseRight, simply go to their enroll page, click here.

Enter PARCA’s Enrollment Code: 2F4D248359419
See STEP 1, below:

Then enter your information to enroll and shop!
See STEP 2, below: