Our Projects and Partners

PARCA supports projects being carried out in Africa by our partners. As a 501(c)(3), we are able to accept donations from U.S. donors and directly support our partners’ work.

Great Plains Conservation

• Translocation of 2 rhinos as part of the joint project (with &Beyond), Rhinos Without Borders
• Monitoring program overseeing the safety of rhinos in Botswana
• Project Rewild Zambezi – specifically, supporting a female ranger

Care for Wild

• Ongoing sponsorship of Ribbon, an orphan who was orphaned after her mom was killed
• Helped to outfit the ICU pen with Wifi and a camera
• Funded a laboratory machine for on-site blood analysis to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of orphans needing care
• Funded two saddles for the mounted anti-poaching unit

Wild Tomorrow Fund

• World Ranger Day annual equipment requests
• Pangolin Tag
• Rhino Dehorning, funded through our trips
• Hay and security for orphaned rhinos

Kariega Foundation

• Funded a recruit in the 2023 Global Conservation Force Anti-Poaching Training Course
• Committed to funding an anti-poaching K9
• Funded a telemetry device for tracking a rhino
• Funded the attendance of 31 childhood learners and coaches and the costs of a helicopter and two collars during four rhino horn trimming and collaring procedures.