PARCA is thrilled to be hosting Vundi Kashamba who is visiting the U.S. for the first time. Vundi is a safari guide with Great Plains Conservation. Vundi ensured that the PARCA group who visited Africa last year had a phenomenal trip. We hope to do the same for him!

Vundi is helping PARCA fulfull its education mission while he is here. We visited the Philadelphia Zoo where he not only got to pet Tony the rhino and feed the giraffes, but he also delivered a talk to the zoo staff and docents. He also spoke at a reception along with Anna Rathmann, Director of the Great Plains Foundation. Anna and Vundi talked about Rhinos Without Borders, safari travel in Africa, and what the work of PARCA and Great Plains Conservation means to the communities. We learned that 43% of the local community has jobs related to ecotourism!

We hope that Vundi has as great a trip to the U.S. as we did to Botswana. While the partnership we’ve been fortunate to develop with Great Plains is one we value highly, the friendships we’ve developed with individuals who share our passion is just as important to us. Welcome to the U.S., Vundi!