PARCA is not hosting in-person events while people enjoy summer vacations. BUT, the work doesn’t stop – poachers are still leaving orphans behind when they kill cows for their horns. And Rhinos Without Borders is constantly monitoring the safety of the translocated rhinos – including Franklin, the first rhino whose move was funded by PARCA.
To address these ongoing needs, we are hosting an online summer solstice fundraiser – Milk & Monitors. We want to raise $3,000 to kick off summer. $1500 will go to orphans at a rhino orphanage who need milk while being raised to return to the wild. $1500 will go to the monitors overseeing the protection of the translocated rhinos.
Rhinos Without Borders is aiming to move 100 rhinos. We aim to find 100 people to donate $30 each. Will YOU be one of the 100 to provide milk & monitors?! Click on our donate page now to be one of the 100