We are LIVE with the India Hicks Get Together Give Together fundraising campaign! Shop for beautiful jewelry, clothing, and accessories now through June 25th at https://www.indiahicks.com/event/parca/shopping.

PARCA wil receive a percentage of sales. All funds raised will be used to build Franklin’s Crash and to fund Eyes in the Sky. Franklin’s Crash will fund the move of rhinos from South Africa to Botswana away from high-poaching areas.

Eyes in the Sky will fund one month of aviation fuel for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust so their aerial division can fly antipoaching missions over a wide area of Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Buy yourself or a special someone something that is not only beautiful but saves a species! We’ll be posting pictures of merchandise with descriptions at our Facebook event page.  Join us here: http://www.facebook.com/events/1686737268012000