We are excited to tell you that we are expanding our reach! While we continue to build Franklin’s Crash, we are going to support another very worthy cause.

We are sure many of you know of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. The Trust was founded in honor of David Sheldrick, who created Tsavo National Park, by his wife Dame Daphne Sheldrick. They may be best known for their work rehabilitating orphaned elephants. But they also care for orphaned antelope, giraffe, hippos, and RHINOS! All animals are prepared to return to the wild though they do have a rhino, Maxwell, who is blind and cannot be returned to the wild, so he has a lifelong safe home at the Trust.

One of the critical pieces of the Trust’s work is to provide “Eyes in the Sky.” Their airwing planes (5), helicopters (2), and pilots supply the vital support Tsavo needs to help the management, ground teams, veterinary units, and antipoaching teams to be ever more effective. They fly thousands of hours a month over Tsavo, and it is largely because of this presence that poaching is down by 50% in recent years. With an area the size of Tsavo everything begins from the air, and without that perspective keeping Tsavo safe would be impossible. The aerial coverage specifically covers the important rhino areas of Tsavo. The preservation of rhino in Africa, particularly Kenya, is all about heightened security, and the aerial missions are vital for surveillance and to deploy men rapidly in remote areas for quick effective response.

ONE month of aviation fuel for these missions costs $10,000. We invite you all to join us in our mission to raise the money needed for these Eyes in the Sky. When you donate today at www.parcainc.org, you are welcome to let us know if you’d like your money to be directed to Eyes in the Sky. Thank you as always for your support!