Supporters and friends, as you know, we cannot gather this year for our annual wine fundraiser. As you also know, it’s been a very tough year for the conservation community. COVID has impacted jobs and so people’s ability to give. It shut down tourism in Africa for months and so a critical source of income for safari camps, game reserves, conservation organizations, and all of the people employed by them has come to a complete stop. The rangers in the field are being tested more than ever because poachers know there are fewer eyes on the ground with no visitors and much less staff around – and, of course, income for their work and the supplies and equipment they need to do it has been significantly impacted.

BUT…COVID has also shown us new ways of thinking and how to be creative. And since conservation doesn’t stop, we are excited to tell you that we have taken this year’s wine fundraising event online! Cheers to Rhinos is live now and there are 2 websites for you to visit. At both, you can win really beautiful prize packages of wines and spirits! Each prize will be delivered to you wrapped safely in a PARCA tote bag you can continue to reuse after you unpack your winnings.
The first site is At this site, you can purchase as many raffle tickets as you like and then select the prizes you’d like the chance to win. Tickets are 1 for $15, 2 for $25, 5 for $50, or 10 for $100. Every prize is worth at least $80 and some have a much higher retail value- of course, depending on your taste, you decide which is worth your ticket(s)! We have prizes with red, white, and rose wines, sparkling wines, bourbon, rum, and more!
The second site is where you can enter to win the two grand prizes. These are very special prizes generously donated and ready for you to win! Each ticket for these special prizes is $50 and each prize is worth around $200.
We hope you will enjoy perusing the prizes and help us continue to support our mission. As you know, we have two main projects we continue to support. First, we fully fund the annual cost of the Rhinos Without Borders monitoring program through Great Plains Conservation. Led by our friend, Poster, this program watches over the rhinos who have been translocated from South Africa to Botswana. The 87 rhinos who have been moved have had more than a dozen calves! Our second major project is funding the support of Ribbon – a rhino orphaned when her mom was poached. Ribbon is growing up fast and healthy at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Africa – who has taken in FOUR more calves in the last month! Ribbon will be raised and then released into a protected wilderness area when it is time.
So – please go have some fun looking at the prizes and help us raise money for the rhinos andpeople caring for them. The winners will be drawn randomly by the hosts of our websites on September 30th and announced by us on October 1st. Thank you for your continued support of PARCA – we couldn’t do it without you. Please do note an important rule for the raffle is that you must be close enough to us in Philadelphia to be able to pick up / arrange for delivery of your prize!