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2022 Calendars Available

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PARCA is proud to have produced our first calendar! Using photos from our friends in the field and our supporters, Andrew J. Oster Design and Photography from Media PA created a beautiful calendar featuring (of course) rhinos, but some other beautiful animals, too! The calendars are $20 each and as always, all proceeds benefit PARCA. We hope you’ll consider using one of these in 2022 not only to enjoy the photos, but to help make others aware of our work (and they make great gifts!). Email hasmith1124@verizon.net to order.

PARCA’s Annual Candle Sale

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The annual PARCA candle sale is ON! Now through November 7th, order your favorite fragrances for your home – or to give as gifts! Because of the popularity, we have added new scents AND new discounts…so order away.

To order, Venmo @Philynn-Hepschmidt or email phepschmidt1@gmail.com. We will deliver if you are local to the Philly area and we can make shipping arrangements. They are 16 ounce soy candles with cotton wicks that burn cleanly for 90-100 hours. They are $13 each, 2 for $25, 5 for $55, and 10 for $100. Please reach out if you have any questions!

The scent list includes:

Apple Pie                                       Cucumber Melon                    Vanilla Lavender                         Pear Vanilla

Bayberry                                        French Vanilla                         White Tea Ginger                        Eucalyptus

Blackberry Sage                           Grandma’s Kitchen                  Sage & Citrus                               Fresh Cut Flowers

Candy Cane                                   Home Sweet Home                 Warm Vanilla Sugar                  Plumeria

Cinnamon Vanilla                         Lavender                                   Sandalwood                                Berry Cobbler

Coconut Lime Verbena                Macintosh Apple                     Brown Sugar Fig                         Gingerbread

Lilac                                                Cedar Closet                            Evergreen Citrus                       Ginger Peach

Harvest Spice                                 Citronella                                 Pumpkin Pie Spice                     Sweet Pea

Banana Nutbread                          Lemongrass                             Fresh Linen

Help us fund an upgrade to the ICU for orphans!

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Friends, we could use your help – we are ⅓ of the way to funding the remainder of the ICU WiFi upgrades at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Here’s how you can help:
Buy a raffle ticket for our 50/50! $10 each. The pot is at $780 and the drawing is on 9/22.
Register to Ruck for Rhinos! $25 and when you complete your ruck you get a cool patch.
Buy one of the first ever PARCA calendars! $20. These feature photos by our supporters! Sneak peek below.
SHARE – the more people who know, the more who can help us. Get a group together to ruck, share our social media posts, buy your friend or coworker a raffle ticket for their birthday!
The QR code below can be used for any of the above (specify which in the notes) and you can also Venmo our president at Heather-Smith-1960. THANK YOU for helping PARCA, Inc. save rhinos!

PARCA Speaker Series – Polar Bear Conservation

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We are thrilled to announce the next installment of the PARCA Speaker Series focused on polar bear conservation! We are honored to be joined by Matt Akel who is the Wildlife Care Manager of the Mammal Department at the San Diego Zoo. Matt’s talk, “San Diego Zoo Polar Bear Care & Conservation,” will cover Matt’s background, the San Diego Zoo’s polar bear husbandry program, and their conservation projects for polar bears. The program is on July 11th at 3 Eastern. Tickets are $30 and available at https://www.simpletix.com/…/parca-speaker-series-polar….
Like adult rhinos, the polar bear has no natural enemies. Also like rhinos, polar bears face significant challenges and require active conservation efforts to ensure their long-term survival. The polar bear is the newest of the eight bear species, and scientists believe that the polar bear evolved about 200,000 years ago from brown bear ancestors. The polar bear is uniquely adapted to life on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean, and for millennia they have roamed the vast and pristine circumpolar Arctic relatively undisturbed by human activities. However, climate change has created a conservation crisis for polar bears, and their persistence is jeopardized by record-breaking sea ice losses and increasing industrial-scale human activity. For nearly a decade, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s conservation scientists and their US and Canadian partners have focused on developing the best conservation strategies to boost their populations.

Run for Rhinos IV is ON!

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We are thrilled to say that Run for Rhinos IV is ON for 2021! We are not letting COVID get in our way again…but we will stay safe and go virtual this year. Please register at https://runsignup.com/Race/PA/Philadelphia/RunforRhinos

How does a virtual race work? You register, we send you your shirt (if you register by May 12th), then any time between June 5th and 13th you complete your course wherever you prefer. All the details on how to log your results are on the race page at the link above.

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we hope you’ll join us to continue that tradition!

It’s Raffle Time!

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Spring is almost here and for PARCA, that means it’s raffle time!

Because of the continued uncertainty with COVID, this year we are focusing on CASH! Enter our 50/50 raffle and we’ll split the prize with you. Each entry is $10. Venmo Heather-Smith-1960, use parcasavesrhinos@gmail.com to send money, or pay at this link (please note the link is for single tickets only but scanning the QR code will let you select an amount more than $10): https://py.pl/5xDZPETPVwj

The drawing is April 1st, so get your entry in and start thinking about how to spend your prize!

Introducing the PARCA Speaker Series!

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We are thrilled to announce the start of the PARCA Speaker Series! We are excited to bring you informative, educational, and inspiring speakers…on Zoom for now, but ultimately live. Our first speaker, attorney Randy Hope Steen, is going to tell us why we all need an estate plan even if we don’t think we do. Please join us on February 25th by registering at https://parcaincorg.simpletix.com/e/63400.

Annual Candle Sale

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It is that time again! Our annual candle fundraiser is back until 11/13. Orders taken until that date will be delivered to us in time for the holidays. You can Venmo payment (and scent selection!) to Deb (@Deborah-Rose-14) or any board member you are in contact with. If you are not within our Philadelphia delivery area OR want to use another payment method besides Venmo, contact a board member or email us at parca@parcainc.org to make arrangements for shipping. These candles are soy candles with 100% cotton wicks. They are so popular because they smell great and look so nice in the 16 ounce mason jar with our label attached. Make your home smell wonderful and save a species! Candles are $13 each or 2 for $25 and in case the scents are not showing up well from the flyer, we have: Apple Pie, Banana Nut Bread, Bayberry, Blackberry Sage, Berry Cobbler, Brown Sugar & Fig, Candy Cane, Cinnamon Vanilla, Citronella, Coconut Lime Verbena, Cucumber Melon, Eucalyptus, French Vanilla, Fresh Cut Flowers, Fresh Linen, Gingerbread, Grandma’s Kitchen, Home Sweet Home, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilac, Macintosh Apple, Pear Vanilla, Plumeria, Sage & Citrus, Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Lavender, and White Tea & Ginger.


Cheers to Rhinos! A wine and spirits fundraiser!

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Supporters and friends, as you know, we cannot gather this year for our annual wine fundraiser. As you also know, it’s been a very tough year for the conservation community. COVID has impacted jobs and so people’s ability to give. It shut down tourism in Africa for months and so a critical source of income for safari camps, game reserves, conservation organizations, and all of the people employed by them has come to a complete stop. The rangers in the field are being tested more than ever because poachers know there are fewer eyes on the ground with no visitors and much less staff around – and, of course, income for their work and the supplies and equipment they need to do it has been significantly impacted.

BUT…COVID has also shown us new ways of thinking and how to be creative. And since conservation doesn’t stop, we are excited to tell you that we have taken this year’s wine fundraising event online! Cheers to Rhinos is live now and there are 2 websites for you to visit. At both, you can win really beautiful prize packages of wines and spirits! Each prize will be delivered to you wrapped safely in a PARCA tote bag you can continue to reuse after you unpack your winnings.
The first site is https://parca.ourraffle.org. At this site, you can purchase as many raffle tickets as you like and then select the prizes you’d like the chance to win. Tickets are 1 for $15, 2 for $25, 5 for $50, or 10 for $100. Every prize is worth at least $80 and some have a much higher retail value- of course, depending on your taste, you decide which is worth your ticket(s)! We have prizes with red, white, and rose wines, sparkling wines, bourbon, rum, and more!
The second site is https://parca2.ourraffle.org where you can enter to win the two grand prizes. These are very special prizes generously donated and ready for you to win! Each ticket for these special prizes is $50 and each prize is worth around $200.
We hope you will enjoy perusing the prizes and help us continue to support our mission. As you know, we have two main projects we continue to support. First, we fully fund the annual cost of the Rhinos Without Borders monitoring program through Great Plains Conservation. Led by our friend, Poster, this program watches over the rhinos who have been translocated from South Africa to Botswana. The 87 rhinos who have been moved have had more than a dozen calves! Our second major project is funding the support of Ribbon – a rhino orphaned when her mom was poached. Ribbon is growing up fast and healthy at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Africa – who has taken in FOUR more calves in the last month! Ribbon will be raised and then released into a protected wilderness area when it is time.
So – please go have some fun looking at the prizes and help us raise money for the rhinos andpeople caring for them. The winners will be drawn randomly by the hosts of our websites on September 30th and announced by us on October 1st. Thank you for your continued support of PARCA – we couldn’t do it without you. Please do note an important rule for the raffle is that you must be close enough to us in Philadelphia to be able to pick up / arrange for delivery of your prize!

Rhino masks!

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Now that we all are in need of face coverings, we have a way for you to be compliant AND save a species! If you head on over to https://teechip.com/rhinomasks and order yourself these very cool masks, all proceeds will be donated to PARCA. We appreciate your keeping your distance and following the rules and we are happy to have a way for you to do it that does even more good!