Saving rhinos,
one horn at a time

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Rhino Stats

There are NO medicinal uses for a rhino horn. None.
Annual cost to support monitors who oversee the safety of rhinos in Botswana
Approximate number of rhinos remaining in Africa

Help us protect the future of rhinos. TODAY.

Right now, we are in a race to save the rhino from extinction. If we do nothing, they could be gone in our lifetime.

PA Rhino Conservation Advocates/PARCA formed in 2016 with a very focused subject—the rhinoceros. We are a group of healthcare workers who heard about a problem in a place we love. We have been working on this problem ever since. Reports are that a stunning number of animals and plants are at risk of extinction. Many, including the rhino, are at risk in our lifetime if we do nothing. Simply put, this is unacceptable.

We know how to pull together to try and solve a problem. So that’s what we are doing. Making more people aware of the crisis facing the rhino and the trickle down impact on the environment and people. Raising money to support the people doing the work of preventing extinction of a species is no easy task and we cannot do it alone. We need a team.

We believe we must be laser-focused but we cannot be short-sighted. Our team must consist of partners who expertly advise and inform us and of supporters who then rise to the challenge placed in front of us, collectively helping us towards our vision of a world in which the rhino lives free from the threat of extinction in natural habitats that are preserved forever.