Image courtesy of Wim Moons

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Why Donate?

PARCA needs your help!  We raise money to help directly fund efforts aimed at protecting and caring for rhinos.  There is critical conservation work being done around the world. Rhinos are being poached at rates that outpace their reproduction.  We promise to share exactly what efforts your dollars are supporting, how it is making an impact, and what the status of the rhino population is in the areas they still live in the wild.  Your generous donation funds important work and we thank you for your support.  A species’ survival is at risk.

What will  your donation provide?

PARCA’s main focus continues to be the Rhinos Without Borders’ joint effort to translocate rhinos from areas of high poaching activity to areas with very low poaching activity.  It costs $45,000 USD to move ONE and PARCA has funded the move of TWO rhinos to safety. The work isn’t over, though – now we fund the monitoring program that keeps the translocated rhinos safe.

Our other main focus area is the care of orphans whose moms have been killed by poachers. We are incredibly proud to sponsor a rhinoceros orphan, Ribbon, at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa.

As our reach continues to expand, we will fund other worthwhile projects with the same vision as ours. We look forward to being able to support even more conservation work with your support!

Image courtesy of Michael Acker