Restaurants for Rhinos

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Our drawing for this year’s Restaurants for Rhinos raffle is on April 1st. For a $20 ticket, you get the chance to win either $2,000 worth of gift cards to the top 10 restaurants in Philadelphia or $1500 cash. This is a great time not only to support the rhinos, but to support our restaurants with these gift cards that you can use once we are all out and about again! Venmo Heather-Smith-216 and we will send you a picture of your ticket. You can also email us at for other payment arrangements. As of today, you have a VERY GOOD chance of winning – only 227 tickets have been sold! The winning number will be chosen during the PA lottery 7PM draw on 4/1 – whatever the winning 3 digit number for the lottery is will also be our winning number. Get your ticket today!

Run for Rhinos IV Sponsors

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Thank you to the following companies for their Run for Rhinos IV Sponsorships:

D’Angelo & Company

Infinity Catering (supplying water and bananas)

Always Balanced (our Awards Ceremony Sponsor)

Moore Jones LLC (a mile marker sponsor AND our post-race nourishment sponsor)