Get Together Give Together

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We are LIVE with the India Hicks Get Together Give Together fundraising campaign! Shop for beautiful jewelry, clothing, and accessories now through June 25th at

PARCA wil receive a percentage of sales. All funds raised will be used to build Franklin’s Crash and to fund Eyes in the Sky. Franklin’s Crash will fund the move of rhinos from South Africa to Botswana away from high-poaching areas.

Eyes in the Sky will fund one month of aviation fuel for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust so their aerial division can fly antipoaching missions over a wide area of Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

Buy yourself or a special someone something that is not only beautiful but saves a species! We’ll be posting pictures of merchandise with descriptions at our Facebook event page.  Join us here:

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Run for Rhinos is in the books!

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The first annual Run for Rhinos was held at the Philadelphia Zoo on Sunday June 4th. 401 people registered and we had attendance of 352. We are grateful to have so many supporters! The weather was beautiful. Our president gave opening remarks in which she reminded us why we all came together – to save this iconic species that is being poached to extinction for its horn which does NOT have medicinal value and should not be used as a decoration. She also listed the other reasons PARCA has joined this fight: because the rhino deserves to be free from harm because of its own intrinsic worth, we are against animal cruelty, people with illness deserve real treatment at a reasonable cost, and because illegal wildlife trafficking is a source of income for terror groups and is recognized as a national security threat by President Obama. The group heard about our success in raising the funds to move our first rhino, Franklin, out of harm’s way and that we are now working to build Franklin’s Crash.

The runners were out of the gate on time and the first one arrived back just over 18 minutes later! Everyone enjoyed water and snacks while the medals were awarded to the top 3 finishers (male and female) in each age group and to the overall male and overall female finishers.

We had the distinct honor of being joined by the Director of Great Plains Foundation, too!

Folks then went and enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo. We are already making plans for next year’s run and hope to see even more rhino supporters next June! Thank you to all who sponsored, ran, walked, and cheered!

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