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BIG news – we have raised the funds to support the move of one rhino! We are so thrilled to be part of this work and thankful for Great Plains Foundation who has been so generous with their time, photos, videos, encouragement, and in welcoming us to their camps last fall!

I’ve had the great fortune to visit Africa twice now. I knew on returning from my first trip that I wanted to do something to positively impact the animals in Africa so they can live free and safe and generations more of us can witness the utter magnificence of them in their natural habitat. I had no idea how to do anything more than donate money. When we had the honor of meeting Dereck and Beverly Joubert and asking them directly HOW the group of us who had learned of our common interest could help the most, they said to educate others and fundraise. They told us that they really needed help with Rhinos Without Borders…and that was it. We were on a mission. I would never have believed it would lead to a nonprofit, such support from friends, family, and strangers, and to achieving our first goal in a year and a half.

So…thank you to everyone who has donated money and / or time, listened or read about the plight of the rhino, shared posts on Facebook, and helped us in any way. We are truly thankful for your support and for allowing us to achieve this goal. We look forward to the move of “our rhino” and will certainly share what we can about him / her like proud parents.

This is just the beginning. We look forward to helping to fund the ongoing monitoring of our rhino and to setting and achieving new goals that will continue to help prevent extinction of the rhino and preserve its ecosystem.

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THANK YOU for Save the Horns success!

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Thank you to everyone who came out to Save the Horns last night! We were so happy with the turnout and we netted over $3K! Every penny will go to Rhinos Without Borders. We keep inching closer and closer to our FIRST goal of moving 1 rhino from South Africa to Botswana. Thank you to our supporters! Next we will Run for Rhinos on June 4th at the Philadelphia Zoo!

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Focus on the Asian rhino

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There are 5 living species of rhino–black and white in Africa and Sumatran, Javan, and Greater One-Horned in Asia. While PARCA’s early efforts are focused on work in Africa, it is important to highlight the plight of rhinos in Asia. Asian rhinos exist in 4 countries today – India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Indonesia. Estimates are that there are less than 100 Sumatran, about 63 Javan, and 3500 Greater One-Horned rhinos today. Sumatran and Javan are classified as critically endangered and the Greater One-Horned as vulnerable as conservation efforts have helped its population increase.

Asian rhino have more folds in their skin so appear more “armoured” than African. The Javan is the rarest large mammal species in the world. The Sumatran is the smallest rhino species and the only Asian rhino with 2 horns. In Asia, the Greater One-Horned (AKA Indian) is 2nd in size only to the Asian elephant and is the 2nd largest rhino species. Unlike the others, the Greater One-Horned fights with its incisors.

These rhino are also umbrella species. Protecting them also protects other animals and plants. Two examples of how this happens are by rhino dispersing seeds in their feces and maintaining closely cropped grasslands near rivers, which preserves feeding spots of other herbivores.

The main threats to these rhino are poaching and habitat loss. The Asian horn is believed more efficacious and so is more expensive. While the media makes much of the horn as an aphrodisiac and there is some evidence for this, that is actually a pretty limited use. The horn is used in traditional medicine (as is the skin, blood, and urine in some practices) for fever, headaches, gout, vomiting, and snakebites among other things. The other big use of the horn is for carvings – bowls, cups, figurines, belt buckles, jewelry, and other ornamentation. This use dates to the 7th century. The horn is also prized in Yemen where it is used for the handles of daggers called “jambiya.” These are a sign of manhood and are greatly valued.

All 5 species of rhino need our protection if they are to survive. Since we hear much more about the African rhino, hopefully this post helps highlight the plight of the Asian rhino.


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Reminder to join us at Save the Horns!

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The PARCA board is very excited that Save the Horns Happy Hour is THIS COMING Thursday, April 20th! We start at 5PM at New Deck Tavern on Sansom Street in Philly. We will have a 50/50 raffle along with many other exciting things for you to either bid on in our silent auction or enter our raffle to win.  In the silent auction, we have 3 lithographs signed by Michael Knigin, appetizers and dinner for 10 from Infinity Catering, lots of sports memorabilia (all autographed), and these fabulous trips–Gettysburg, Washington DC, New Orleans, a shopping spree in New York, and tickets to Hamilton (including dinner with 2 cast members before the show and an after show meet and greet with a cast member!).

We have the following raffles for you to enter as well:

Rodan and Fields LashBoost
A Rodan and Fields skincare regimen OF YOUR CHOICE
Perfectly Posh basket (body butter, hand cremes, bath bars, face masks and more!)
Handmade rhino art wood pallets
A sports basket featuring 2 sets of Phillies tickets
A liquor basket with wine and spirits
A margerita making basket
A pasta dinner basket
A lottery ticket basket
A dining out combination Pod gift card for lunch and Bistro Romano gift card for dinner
A Penn Plastic Surgery gift bag of products from Avene and Glytone AND a $100 gift certificate
A DoTERRA Essential Oils basket
6 tickets for a QVC Studio Tour

Please come join us. Help us save a species, have some fun, and maybe win something great for yourself!

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